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Welcome back!


After several days of downtime with the many challenges that hit us, we're happy to welcome you guys back with some exciting new features! First off, we greatly apologize for the amount of downtime that everyone has faced. We have been working day and night to stabilize this network for our players to get back on and play!

? Introducing player servers

Player servers is an exciting new feature that has been added exclusively to our fellow Titan ranked players! Titans will have the ability to create their very own customizable server to play on! Features included: 

  • Ability to set your own player slot between 1 - 20
  • Ability to add plugins of your choice in a menu
  • 1.16.5 vanilla SMP server


  • /ps create
  • /ps connect
  • /ps delete
  • /ps boot
  • /menu


Most server rules still apply 

We are not responsible for griefing incidents on your server. Players are not allowed to ban staff members.

Known bugs:

Sometimes this bug appears, but if you create your server on Proxy 1 and the client directs you over to Proxy 2, you may not be able to join your player server. This case has so far been rare, but is present. To fix: Refresh your multiplayer screen and join the server until it directs you to the appropriate proxy. 

A more common issue you may encounter is if 2 players are on different proxies, they may not have the ability to join the player server. For example: If MasterGabeMOD is on Proxy1 with a PlayerServer and Superhornet wants to join me but is on Proxy2, he will not be able to join my PlayerServer. 

? Network changes

  • Deployed a new AMD Ryzen 5950x system overclocked
  • Several software/security updates
  • Updated to 1.17.1 client support
  • Fixed several bugs users reported
  • Added sweet berries under farm & food shop on Survival & Skyblock
  • Minion upgrades/improvements on Skyblock

More info can be found on discord under server changes!




about 1 year ago
Welcome to ABMC!

Welcome to the new ABMC website! This is still a WIP so bear with us!

about 1 year ago

We are parting ways with GhibliCraft, as mentioned in our discord announcements.